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EN 10025 S355J2 HEA HEB beam loaded container to Jakarta

Our Indonesian customer purchased 23 metric tons low temperature S355J2 HEA beam and S355J2 HEB beam stock from Xinsteel Industrial shanghai port warehouse in January 2021.We stock various dimensions of HEA 160,HEA 180,HEA 200,HEA 220,HEA 240,HEB 140,HEB 260,HEB 280,HEB 300,HEM 400,HEM 450,HEM 500,HEM 500,HEM 600 H type beams which ready for shipment sooner.S355J2 steel materials have to be done low temperature impacting test at -20 Degree centigrade when supplying.

Original mill certificate with EN 10204 3.1 format would be along with S355J2 HEA Beam and S355J2 HEB beam materials when loading.And loading pictures send to our indonesian customer by email also.